Freelancers are good for business

In these times of austerity, it’s easy to think that hiring someone for a few weeks to get a project off the ground is a little extravagant. But you’d be mistaken.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many different teams, both in companies I’ve worked for and the affiliates I’ve dealt with. The thing I’ve noticed is that even within just one company, you get some teams that work well together; firing creative ideas off one another and turning around great work in a short timescale. But sadly, you also get teams that are full of hot air. Lazy employees who have bedded down for the duration. These departments are full of excuses, always waiting for the elusive callback from a client whilst pushing one another towards the firing line…

And all too often, it’s these dysfunctional teams that stay together the longest. Getting staler, moanier and less productive as the years lurch by.

As a medium-to-small business, you can’t afford to pay people who have run out of ideas, trot out the “if-it-ain’t-broke” mantra and coast their way to their next pay review. You’re not only paying them a competitive wage, but you’re also doubtless offering a pension, benefits, free pens and a coffee machine. Time to wise up.

If you need to inject a bit of life into your campaign or get that project launched before the next Jubilee, why not cherry pick the right freelancer for your needs? You can usually book them in at (relatively) short notice, and you’re not stuck with them if they turn out to be rubbish. They’ll likely be fresh from working on similar projects, so they can bring knowledge of up-to-date techniques and technologies to your business, without having to rely on the crumpled notes that Tony scribbled down when he went on that conference day back in February last year.

Freelancers often have preferred partners that they have worked with for years too, so if you need a website built AND the content written, search for a copywriter who has partnered with a web developer before. If you have little experience with the printing process, choose someone who can recommend a great printer.

Choosing freelancers is like picking your fantasy football team. Get them in for a trial project and if all goes well you won’t need to substitute them at half time.

It could also breathe life into your existing team, they’ll get to work with someone who is full of inspirational ideas, whilst showing off how much they know about your business. Everyone’s a winner.

The revenue you’ll generate from getting a new website live, or a DM campaign out the door on time and performing well, will outweigh the cost of hiring a freelancer in. You’ll soon find it’s a luxury you can afford.

Oh, and for the record, I can recommend several great designers, web developers and printers too, you only need to ask!